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Winning Chess Tactics for Beginners by GM Damian Lemos

Winning Chess Tactics for Beginners by GM Damian Lemos
Posted on October 14,2013 By William in Strategy & Game Review, All Articles w/ Videos, Classic Games (Pre 2010), Beginner's Corner. Chess tactics are extremely important players of all levels, but most relevant to beginner chess players. At the higher levels of chess, tactics are often very complex and combine different positional, strategic themes with an immediate tactical way of solving a problem. However at the beginner level in chess, tactics often decide a game immediately. For example if you are dropping a piece (or catching your opponent hanging a piece!) that should [...]

FM Alisa Melekhina Explains the King's Indian Defense
Posted on October 11,2013 By William in Strategy & Game Review, Chess Openings, All Articles w/ Videos. The King's Indian Defense is one of black's most aggressive openings against 1. d4 as it nearly always leads to double-edged play and decisive results. The underlying themes and plans in the opening and middlegame are very consistent and clear - white tries to gain space in the center and open up play by attacking on the queenside, while black responds by gaining space on the kingside and pursuing a deadly attack against white's king. This chess [...]

Smith-Morra Gambit with GM Ronen Har-Zvi
Posted on October 07,2013 By William in Strategy & Game Review, Chess Openings, Beginner's Corner. The Sicilian Defense is one of the most extensive chess openings and the amount of theory is downright incredible. The best study routine for beginner and intermediate chess players does NOT focus exclusively on studying openings, rather it should include a comprehensive regimen targeted at improving all phases of your game. In the below chess video excerpt from the Empire Chess DVD ¨Smashing the Sicilian Defense with the Smith-Morra Gambit¨ Gran[...]

Beginner Chess Opening Traps by GM Susan Polgar
Posted on October 03,2013 By William in All Articles w/ Videos, Beginner's Corner. Many beginner chess players feel lost in the opening and can easily fall into typical traps. In the following chess video, 5-time Olympic Chess Champion GM Susan Polgar reviews one of the most common traps seen at the beginner chess level - Scholar's Mate! The Scholar's Mate set-up with an early e4, Bc4, Qh5, and Qxf7# is not a good opening at all if black is paying attention and responds logically to white's threats. However if you have never se[...] is a producer of thousands of free chess articles and free chess videos by FIDE chess masters. They recently released the renowned Empire Chess series that has been taking the chess world by storm. Please consider checking out their chess blog and chess shop with tons of free updated previews.


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